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The Journey

to inner peace
for Harry Doig:

I am an energy, part of the one energy, my purpose is to find harmony with that energy, so becoming part of the whole.

Once I was by a peaceful lake, a warm breeze rustled the trees, and the song of birds mingled with the fragrance of flowers. All was at ease but me.

Having no answers I felt empty and dissatisfied, so I left, turning my back on the lake and took up the journey of life.

There are many experiences along the way, each with their own questions that must be answered if they are not to arise time and again hindering our progress. Each should be entered with an open mind, and understanding toward fellow travellers as we all seek the answers. And each possess the ability to be teacher and pupil alike.

There are no secrets, no rules, only that of harmony with all life. Once acquired perhaps then we are on our way back to the lake.

Yet before this we must subdue our biggest adversary, the most deadly we will ever encounter, this adversary,

This adversary my friend is ourselves.

It was then that I found myself by a stream. It had been a dream, I wonder, for now all was at ease and beside me lay a book.

Turning to the first page I read...

..we are all writing our own book help others but do not pick up their pen...I am an energy part of...

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