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Image of Knobbley's Bark

Ladybird (7 spot)
Coccinella 7-punctata

Photo of a ladybirdlCLASS

Endopterygota. The wind develop inside the body of the immature insects and there is a marked change (metamorphosis) during the life cycle. The young stages are very different from the adults. The young are called larvae. The change from larva to adult form takes place during a non-feeding stage called pupa. This division is also known as the Holometabola

Coleoptera Beetles

Coccinellidea Ladybirds

Adults: Small, domed usually hemispherical. Head sunk into pronotum. legs short and retractable; tarsi 4-segmented but 3rd segment very small and concealed in bi-lobed 2nd. 7 Black spots on bright red. Adults may be seen from March to October.

Everywhere in Great Britain, Ireland, Most of Europe.

Bright colours generally indicate that the insect is armed and dangerous! In this case the ladybird is advertising it's bitter taste. When handled the ladybird will exude drops of pungent fluid that stain the hand and taint it with a long-lasting smell.

As with most in this family, ladybirds will eat huge numbers of aphids in both the larval and adult stages

Out of fucus photo of a ladybird larvaCarnivorous eats aphids.

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