Photo of Old Knobbley (ancient oak tree) taken September 2020 by Agi Walmsley

Old Knobbley Oak Tree

Old Knobbley the Oak Tree is an 800 year old English Oak growing in Mistley Essex

Old Knobbley is a much loved 800 year old English Oak Tree growing in Mistley, England. With a trunk circumference of about 9.5m and just 4.3m high, Old Knobbley is a relatively easy tree for people young at heart to climb. Of course you don’t have to scramble up Old Knobbley when you visit, you could just give him a hug or sit and ponder about the things he might have seen.

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Children’s Book

Old Knobbley’s biography (updated for 2020) in the form of an illustrated Children’s book is now available. Find out more

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Where is Old Knobbley?

Old Knobbley is located on Furze Hill Woodland in Mistley, Essex, England. Approximate location: 51.938392,1.081335.

Please zoom in on the map to find Old Knobbley and the main woodland path that leads to this ancient oak tree. The path, by the way, is now also part of a fitness exercise route. Old Knobbley is close to the last exercise point (it will all make sense when you visit, promise).

If visiting Old Knobbley by car, there is parking nearby at the Village Hall.

Mistley train station is of course just a few minutes walk away too.

The wood is managed by the local council and therefore is open to the public all year round.